Sunday, April 6, 2014

Periodic Table - Round 1

"Prior to the modern depiction of the Periodic Table, Dmitri Mendeleev came up with his version that was published in 1869. I have placed this table against a light brown and gold background.

Each of my plated stainless steel cuffs are designed, decoupaged, sealed, and polished by me. The nature of this material means that you can see some of the beautiful metal underneath the image, including the natural variations in color which add a unique element to each and every piece. Each cuff is sealed with jewelers film and polished with museum quality wax, however, I still recommend not wearing it while doing any rigorous activity. To clean, simply lightly dampen a clean cloth and wipe the part of the surface that needs cleaning, being careful to rid of all water when done.

Again, please be aware that although I do everything I can to seal the image well so that is protects against light wear and tear, it is still hand decoupaged on the metal and not sublimated with a machine, so it can be scratched if hit hard enough against an object. Hand decoupaging allows me to use much higher quality and heavy gauged metal than if done by machine, which feels very nicely weighted on the wrist.

Each cuff is 1.5 inches in height and 6 inches wide and can be bent with slight pressure to fit snugly on your wrist. This means it will fit most wrist from 5.5" to 7.5". Please see my shop policies here for other questions:

Every order is shipped in a nice gift box, but if you are sending the jewelry directly to someone as a gift please just let me know in the "notes to seller" section of checkout so I can take care not to include an invoice when shipping."

Found at accessoreads' Etsy shop.

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