Wednesday, January 23, 2013

28 Days Later

"Handmade steel blue acrylic coffee cozy or tea cozy that wraps around your travel mug or to go cup with hand embroidered 'Zombie Vaccine'.

I believe in zombies. I know other people believe in gods, demons, Santa, the boogeyman... okay I believe in those things too. Call me open minded. Or crazy. Either way I'm fine. Zombies are after all of us equally.

Should the zombie apocalypse every arrive I'm not even sure I want a vaccine as i don't know if I want to live in a world where dead flesh eaters roam freely (especially if they're the kind that defy the 'rules' and run really fast). But if a zombie vaccine should be developed, it's important that it's probably labeled and that's where this cozy comes in. Cleverly disguise your Starbucks cup with this vaccine cozy so you don't accidentally drink it all down thinking it's a Chai latte that mysteriously appeared even after society broke down.

This is the travel mug version of my regular zombie mug cozy found here:

I would love to customize this item for you in any way. I chose a purple, gray, steel blue sort of color as it reminded me of bruised, bloody, rotting flesh. But I can also do it in a girly shade of peach or whatever you'd like. Just send me a message so I can create your own unique design.

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Found at KnotworkShop's Etsy shop.

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