Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pluto Never Was One

"Show your love of our space neighbourhood with this glittering, colourful Solar System Bracelet! My love of science and astronomy inspired this piece.

The bracelet is made from jet black aluminium trace chain and various mixtures of polymer clay. It has a clasp, with 8 pendants representing the planets in our solar system. Colours and sizes may vary as this item is hand-crafted by me. The chain itself measures approximately 8'' in length for a 'Standard' sized bracelet. There is also as 'Small' option now available measuring approximately 7''. If you would like another length please just message me!

Mercury- Silver, Black
Venus- Orange, Gold, Red
Earth- Blue, Green, White
Mars- Red, Brown
Jupiter- Gold, Red, Brown
Saturn- Green, Yellow, Gold (silver rings)
Uranus- Aqua Green, White
Neptune- Blue, Glow in the dark"

Found at nappyhappy's Etsy shop.

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