Friday, January 25, 2013

Fiber Coral

"This is a contemporary fiber art wall sculpture by me, Rachel Hunnicutt. It was handcrafted soft, chunky organic cotton yarn in bright pink. The forms were inspired by the beautiful examples of sea coral found in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

This piece is part of an ongoing series inspired by natural organic shapes such as barnacles, sea coral, lichen, and seed pods. I used a square wood plaque from a local second hand shop as a base, coating it with several layers of bright pink paint to create a monochromatic look. Then I crocheted each individual piece and arranged and glued them onto the base. The process of making each piece is a bit time consuming, but it becomes a meditation as I crochet each part of the project.

Much love and many good thoughts go into each piece I make. It is so important to me that my work is original and includes special details - I hope you enjoy it!

This piece is signed and ready to hang. The plaque has a spot for hanging built into the back and a decorative finial on top.

Measures approximately 7.25 inches (18.5 cm) on each side.

The wood plaque is in good shape and is a perfect square (a coveted find since square plaques are harder to find!). Because this part of the piece is second hand there may be small imperfections present. The paint does a good job of hiding flaws, but they may exist."

Found at cornflowerbluestudio's Etsy shop.

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