Monday, January 7, 2013

Tie Fighter & Co.

"Easy and Medium Difficulty Amigurumi Patterns for the Star Wars Ships. Make your own Tie Fighter, X Wing and Millennium Falcon. Ready to take off?

Please note that you are buying only the PATTERNS, not the finished ships!

Being a huge Star Wars fan, I thought it was time (again) to show my love to the saga :)
I know all the characters are out there but how about the spaceships?
These are my original patterns for the the tie fighter, x-wing and Millennium Falcon.

- Amigurumi Tie fighter is 11 cm/ 4.3" long and 8 cm/ 3.1" high. (easy difficulty pattern)
- Amigurumi X-Wing is 14 cm/ 5.5” long and 20 cm/ 7.9” wide (easy difficulty pattern)
- Amigurumi Millennium Falcon is 19 cm/ 7.5" long and 17 cm/ 6.7" wide. (medium difficulty pattern)

You will need a 4mm / size 6 crochet hook, DK yarn and stuffing.

Pattern will be sent as a PDF file via email within 24 hours from purchase. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Need Any help with the pattern? Just drop me a line!"

Found at MysteriousCats' Etsy shop.

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