Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yellow 2x2 with half circle with hole

"Say it loud, say it proud: You're a geek! (It's ok -- I am, too!) And what better way to show it off by wearing a cute little pendant made out of Legos?

¨¨¨°*§ Description §*°¨¨¨¨
A single necklace featuring two genuine Lego pieces fitted together to make a heart, in the color of your choice!

¨¨¨°*§ Measurements §*°¨¨¨¨
The Lego heart pendant is 25mm x 27mm with a 17" cable chain.

¨¨¨°*§ Options §*°¨¨¨¨
Upon request:
* the chain length can be altered to anything you wish,
* substituted for a keychain,
* or glued together for permanent fixture.

¨¨¨°*§ Other Info §*°¨¨¨¨
If a BFF or Lover's charm is what you're looking for, shoot me a note and I'll create a private listing for a pair of necklaces that join to create a heart (for an extra $2 to cover the cost of additional chain)."

Found at StardustTrinkets' Etsy shop.

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