Sunday, July 22, 2012

80's Flashback

"DIY CUstom mug Make a Mixed Tape Mug Fun DIY personalized custom gift!

Once upon a time there was no greater way to prove your love for someone than to make them a mixed cassette tape. Oh.. the hours we agonized crouched over a stereo blending songs from our records or double cassette tape players. Every single line in every single song had such importance and meaning!

Now you can create your own mixed tape mug! This handmade earthenware mug features the image of a cassette tape on a glossy white glaze. The front is pre-printed with the words I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE. I include a special pen made to be used on ceramics. This pen is so easy to use and mistakes can be wiped away. Once you are happy with your personalization you just pop it in your home oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees and it becomes permanent and food safe. Copy the example above or make a completely unique creation that is personalized and customized for the recipient.

This mug ships blank on the back with the pen. Complete instructions included. And NO-- your handwriting isn't that bad, and part of the charm of a mixed tape was the hand printed writing on the plastic cover!

This one of a kind hand painted mix tape mug measures 4 1/4 inches high by 3.5 inches across. It holds 16 oz. of you favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

This would make a great personalized gift for someone you love. Make two for a fantastic engagement or wedding gift!

This item was created from earthenware clay, kiln fired twice to 1900 degrees. . It was made using all lead free, non toxic, eco friendly materials. This piece was created for you to use and enjoy on a daily basis!"

Found at LennyMud's Etsy shop.

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