Friday, July 27, 2012


"Plastic cups? $5. Your own beverages? $10. Epic beer pong balls? Priceless.

These balls were created using tournament quality ping pong (table tennis) balls and non-toxic permanent ink that will not come off in your favorite beer. They perform fantastically for popular drinking games as well as for actual table tennis. The inks will not rub off or dissolve under normal use.

There are six balls in the set. They consist of:
- Ampere's Law (Maxwell's First Law)
- Faraday's Law (Maxwell's Third Law)
- Gauss' Law (Maxwell's Second Law)
- Gauss' Law for Magnetism (Maxwell's Second Law)
- Schrödinger Equation
- Newton's Second Law

These balls are washed with dish soap, rinsed and dried, and then placed into a clean ziplock bag before shipping in a USPS flat-rate box.

The money from your purchase goes directly into helping me pay for college tuition, books, and necessary software for my major, so please share this with your friends! Custom table tennis balls, golf balls, eggs, and various other things can be done upon request in any color."

Found at MrElectrical's Etsy shop.

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