Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apples aren't that color...

"I bought this from the collection of a retired Apple computer dealer many years ago along with his cool glass Mcintosh store sign. An advertising premium from the 1980's in the big size. It is unused in the original baggie, only the brass clutch has oxidized from years of storage. The rainbow coloured Apple is bright and shiny, about 7/8" or 2.5 centimetres tall to the tip of the leaf and 3/4" or 1.9 centimetres wide. Unlike some of the acrylic apples this is fired on glass enamel with brass separating each of the six colours. The real cloisonné process starts with applying the colours in paste form then heating in a kiln, next a final polishing to even the surface and shine. The metal wells keep the molten colours separate. The smaller apple 11e pin is also a rainbow apple but only 5/8" tall or 1.7 centimetres tall. This is the larger Apple and an iconic symbol of the company Steve Jobs founded."

Found at poicatzilla's Etsy shop.

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