Friday, July 27, 2012


"Blue clutch made entirely with LEGO® bricks.
This is truly a unique item. I am making quite limited numbers of those as the process is very, very time consuming. One in every color was made for making the photos and all the subsequent are made to order. There is extremely small chance that you would meet a person having one exactly like this, and as I am the only person making such handbags :-)

It measures 23 x 10,5 x 2 cm (outside, approx). Inside it is approximately 22 x 9,5 x 1,6 cm. The inside is covered with dark grey satin. It's big enough to fit easily all you would usually bring to a party, opera etc.. There is a small business card size pocket inside. The bricks are connected with each other, the connection is very strong but flexible, so the whole clutch is exactly as stiff as it should be, and no brick will fall off. There is absolutely no chance the handbag will fall apart, even if somebody would deliberately cut one of the strings, all the others will hold the bricks in place. The closing is made with bricks also.

All the bricks used to make it are brand new (i.e. straight out of the box, never played with and of course only original LEGO® bricks), so the clutch has this amazing shine of new bricks. It is very elegant, does not seem at all like a toy handbag.

The clutch can be made to order in many colors - white, tan, dark tan, orange, yellow, red, dark red, blue, dark blue, lime, brown, light or dark grey, and of course in multicoolor version where every brick would be surrounded by bricks in different colors. The flap can be made in a different color than the body and of course every custom design is possible - stripes, checkered etc. Every clutch has a matching color satin liner, a custom dust protection bag with my logo, and is shipped in a securely and carefully packed box.

Please note that time from placing order to shipping the bag is 12 days.
The delivery times (3 workdays for Europe, 5 workdays for US and 10 workdays for Asia & Australia) are not guaranteed and it may happen the package will be delivered later than this. Insurance is of course possible - e-mail me for rates."

Found at agabag's Etsy shop.


  1. Ok, that is incredible! Shame it is months till my birthday! It would also totally go with my toy-themed wedding next year. Except brides don't usually have handbags do they...?

  2. Brides can have a handbag! Where do they keep their lipstick?