Sunday, July 29, 2012


"Blue Green Petri Dishes 2 is a new twist on my microbiology theme. Bacteria and other microorganisms in shades of blue, green and yellow bloom in their laboratory habitat - petri dishes. The contents of each dish are individually painted in watercolors, using a wet-in-wet technique. Then they are cut out and placed in their petri dishes (also hand-painted) and mounted on arches watercolor paper.

Infectiously appealing - perfect for your lab, office or living room!

For a larger version, see:
For a multicolored version, see

Overall size 12 inches square. Will fit a standard 12 x 12 (scrapbook size) frame (not included), or fits perfectly in the ikea 19 inch square frame with mat. Signed. Absolutely unique!"

Found at artologica's Etsy shop.

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